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Glued: How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran




It’s about flipping time!

Caitlin Moran

This book is AMAZING! I would order that any woman on the planet should get this book and read it. I guarantee, you’ll not only look back on your lives and reminisce how hard and awkward it was to be a frilly pink princess and wake up with boobs and missing the vote because of blood stained sheets. This book is fantastic on so many levels. I’ve only just bought it, and I’ve been glued to it so much I’m already half way through! How many days is that now…? 2 days… gosh. I’m a slow reader, so that’s pretty impressive.

This book tackles the ‘touchy’ subject of pornography as a tool for teaching young kids about appearance, sex, attitudes toward words concerning the ‘lady flower’, Jilly Cooper and life as a blooming young lady from the 80s until now. It’s THE summer anicdote to female understanding on a light political manner, with feminist fists and life in one go. It’s perfect!

I must say, only having read part of it, I’ve found it incrediably difficult to look like I’m not having a fit of laughter or a satirical meltdown in the back of a bus. That last time I read a book as funny, neat and true as this was Stephen Fry‘s Moab is my Washpot. AMAZING! I’ve only recently started looking into feminism and what it would mean to me, especially since I feel the ‘little-activist’ in me is finally learning how to walk, alongside PETA, The Red Cross, Pagan pride and modern women with tattoo ART.

Part memior and part feminist, and teenage (what to expect now that you are growing up, since your parents won’t tell you) manual, this book is a must have. I would have kept it in time for the next Paris excursion, but my little fingers have a mind of their own and I couldn’t wait! I would give you a better review, but I’m on chapter 9 – I Go Lap-dancing! For now, read the reviews and watch the video. Once I’ve read it, I’ll make a review video for TheHarlequinDays – make sure to comment =]

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A quick video review I found:

shay chay coulay!


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